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HEL HP660 klocki hamulcowe 262mm Civic, CRX, przód

HEL HP660 klocki hamulcowe 262mm Civic, CRX, przód

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SKU: HP666-004F

Producent: HEL

Pasuje do:

Civic, Civic IV (1987 - 1991), Civic V (1992 - 1995), Civic VI (1996 - 2000), CRX, CRX II (1988-1991), CRX Del Sol (1993-1997)

HEL HP660 klocki hamulcowe 262mm Civic, CRX, przód


Komplet przednich sportowychklocków hamulcowych HEL HP660 - odpowiednik Ferodo DS3000

Info ze strony producenta: The HP666 has a ceramic kevlar compound that has a great initial bite, excellent control and pedal feel. It delivers a powerful friction coefficient of 0.42–0.57μ over a temperature range of 0-800°C. This pad sacrifices a little brake noise and rotor dust to deliver the ultimate in stopping power. This is the brake pad to choose when milliseconds make the difference between you winning and losing. We would recommend a high carbon grooved disc to compliment this pad. With a similar compound to the Feredo DS3000, it transfers a small layer of material onto the disc and if you have a softer disc you might get an excessive build up of material transfer. This will not affect performance, only aesthetics. The temperature range of this pad is 0-800°C, with the optimum working temperature being 666°C.
Pasują do tarcz 262mm do większości modeli Hondy Civic m.in.:

Honda Civic:
1.3 Hybrid 2003-
1.4 (EJ9) 98-2002
1.4 (MB2) 2000-2002
1.4 (ES4) 2001-2005
1.4 (EU5) 2001-2002
1.4 (EU7) 2001-2005
1.5 (EG8) Automat 91-95
1.5 (EK3) 96-99
1.5 (MB3) 2000-2002
1.6 ESi (EG5 EH9) 91-95
1.6 VTi (EG6 EH9)(EG9) 91-95
1.6 (MB4) 2000-2002
1.6 VTec (EK1) 98-99
1.6 VTi VTec (EK4) 96-2001
1.6 (ES5) 2001-2005
1.6 (EU6/8) 2001-2002

Civic Coupe
1.6 (EJ8) 96-2001
1.6 (EM1) 99-2001
1.7 (EM2) 2001-2005

1.6 ESi VTec (EH6) 93-97
1.6 VTi VTec (EG2) 93-97

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Producent HEL
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